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Book Flights. Simplified.

Made for digital nomads, remote workers & flexible travelers.

Discover alternate routes & cheap one way flights within a departure date range.

⭐ Search by country or region to discover cheaper routes you didn't know existed. Example: Netherlands → Italy or Europe → South-East Asia.

Sarah Belizaire

Have flexible travel plans or looking for alternative routes given the chaos? Check out all the connection possibilities via a super helpful site created by @ismaelyws thanks to @andy_travels for the recommendation #travel #flights

John Ford

There seem to be lots of sites launching at the moment that promise to find you cheap flights but not many have the professional finish of Flightlist by @ismaelyws #travel #flights


@ismaelyws Just tried out Flightlist for the first time. Really nice idea, well made, and just what I need at the moment 👍

Travel With Bender

Did you spot my recent article about how to score cheap one way flights? ✈️ FlightList is my new secret tool for discovering cheap routes, within a departure date range. Plus you can also search by country/region for departures & destinations. Powerful! 💪

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Cheap Flight Search Tips

Tips to help you find the cheapest flights.

  • Book 45-90 days before your departure date.
  • Fly during weekdays (Monday-Thursday).
  • Airfare Sales: Airlines sometimes offer huge discounts and since we take a bottom-up approach these flights will appear first in the results, so check back regularly because they don't usually last long.

Why I Built FlightList

❝As a remote worker and frequent traveler, I often book one-way flights and have flexibility with my departure dates. I prefer to search for the best deals and need a simple, minimal platform to do so. Many flight booking sites are cluttered with unnecessary options, images, and ads, which can be frustrating. That's why I created FlightList — a streamlined platform that allows users to search for flights within a departure date range and filter according to their preferences. I built FlightList to solve my own problem and help other travelers who may have similar frustrations with traditional flight booking sites.❞

- Hans Desjarlais, Founder & Creator Hans Desjarlais